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29 June, 2016

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Andrea Barisani on Twitter
First encryption/decryption with USB armory embedded unique AES key tested successfully! Now polishing driver for user-space interface.
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Jim Pickard on Twitter
Someone in European Parliament just made quite a good joke along the lines of: "Britannia waives the rules."
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Julien Martin on Twitter
@ThePracticalDev https://t.co/KErvDnkxLh
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Markus Persson on Twitter
How to make a techno song: play any house song. Turn on a 1 bar slip roll. Boom, done.
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Robin Burchell on Twitter
https://googleprojectzero.blogspot.no/2016/06/how-to-compromise-enterprise-endpoint.html is just the latest example in why you probably shouldn?t run AV software.
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HITBSecConf on Twitter
VIDEO #HITB2016AMS D2T1 - The Perfect Exfiltration Technique - Itzik Kotler and Amit Klein - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T6PscV43C0w cc @itzikkotler
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Pinboard on Twitter
If I have seen further than others, it is because I am SO HIGH RIGHT NOW
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the grugq on Twitter
Some quick thoughts on being ?undercover? after reading the UK undercover policing guide. https://medium.com/@thegrugq/legends-and-vetting-after-facebook-47dd72da3f80
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Cyber Gandalf on Twitter
Just got some new business cards in... *evil laugh* https://t.co/98mR9h2v47
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Big Ben on Twitter
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Jolla on Twitter
International #SailfishOS Community Event Recap + keynote and workshop videos and pics available now in #Jolla blog: https://blog.jolla.com/international-sailfish-community-event-recap/
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Ville M. Vainio on Twitter
Woohoo! Visual Studio 2015 update 3 finally adds fuzzy matching to ctrl + "," (go anywhere)
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The Linux Foundation on Twitter
WATCH: @mikko's keynote at @opnfv Summit last week, mentioning Core Infrastructure Initiative: http://bit.ly/292gbrF
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Samuel Pepys on Twitter
Up and down the streets is cried the victory got by the Portugalls against the Spaniards, where 10,000 slain, 3 or 4,000 taken prisoners.
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Stefano Mosconi on Twitter
#in Fareed's Take: Who voted for Brexit? http://cnn.it/29315Ti
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Aniello Del Sorbo on Twitter
"Wil Wheaton is Just Trying to Help" #ebooks #feedly http://www.tor.com/2016/06/28/wil-wheaton-is-just-trying-to-help/
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StrikeDebt on Twitter
Here's an idea for @HillaryClinton to make higher-ed free: Every student gets to make a private speech to @GoldmanSachs for $250k
12:25 AM
SSFFS Project on Twitter
A Curated List of Creative Writing Competitions in 2016 https://www.dystopianstories.com/writing-competitions-2016/ via @almondpress #amwriting #writing #writingcontests
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Khertan on Twitter
@teotwaki thanks I ll try also disabling vt-x... And see. And I ll take a look at void linux to install it when I ll got some time
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sarah jeong on Twitter
anyways i've been singing "david cameron fucked a ham" in a james hetfield voice at every possible spare moment
12:11 AM
sarah jeong on Twitter
i do a great karaoke rendition of enter sandman but unfortunately it is very bad manners to ever queue up enter sandman for karaoke
12:10 AM
debexpert on Twitter
Google Is Testing Its Own Internet Speed Test In Search Results http://ift.tt/292KqO2
12:08 AM
It's Abby. Yep. on Twitter
When u left ur phone in the car & don't wanna get it but u should but u don't wanna but u should BUT U DON'T WANNA https://t.co/22MBGtTbwU
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Big Ben on Twitter
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jomny sun on Twitter
reminder that love does not mean finding somone to understand you so you wont have to
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(((Lauren O'Neal))) on Twitter
@sarahjeong i'm at the combination chipotle chipotle
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sarah jeong on Twitter
I'm at Chipotle. Which Chipotle? Every Chipotle. https://twitter.com/timcushing/status/748002697291378688
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the grugq on Twitter
?social media can undermine and compromise covert resources, assets and activity? < Facebook fucks everyone, lol
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Tim Cushing on Twitter
South Dakota Twitter: if both of you have ever wanted to meet me, I am a ways north of the oak tree on County Rd 51 https://twitter.com/mathewi/status/747939525817556993
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Henry Tudor on Twitter
Today: - suspicion - narrow-mindedness - attack when surprised - stuff bacon, pies, cheese & cakes into face - dignity - decorum - more pies
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Jen Lewis on Twitter
My greatest fears: 1. Rejection 2. Failure 3. The prank callers in the 2000 version of "The Sims" https://t.co/iQrk0td3Cm
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E N C E on Twitter
Interrogating someone from Dubai ?
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?Jaid ? on Twitter
9 hour shift tomorrow gonna die
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Elizabeth on Twitter
Boyfriend: you really don't have to do that Me: *getting a lower back tattoo of his Call of Duty kill/death ratio* I'm just proud of u babe
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Ian Dunt on Twitter
1 contradicts 4. 2 is already the case. 3 also contradicts 4. 5 can't be guaranteed. Apart from that, top work. https://t.co/5M9durjrTe
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the grugq on Twitter
UK police undercover policing guide. Amazing that it?s been published! http://www.college.police.uk/News/College-news/Documents/Undercover_policing_guidance-for_consultation.pdf
11:27 PM
Jukka.pro on Twitter
Hyvä että tästä puhutaan! #palveluvienti https://twitter.com/STTInfo/status/747596191039270912
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Joseph Cox on Twitter
Here's the UK's undercover policing guide, first time it has been published http://www.college.police.uk/News/College-news/Documents/Undercover_policing_guidance-for_consultation.pdf cc @thegrugq https://t.co/1ObVTZzS3b
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DarkSim?(?_°)? on Twitter
Attention @toool & followers, I stumped him: https://youtube.com/watch?v=npEdjzGDt-c #lockpicking #locksport
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Paul McAuley on Twitter
Could http://snopes.com please snope 2016.
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Michiko Kakutani on Twitter
The rise of the white nationalist the Southern Poverty Law Center calls ?this generation?s David Duke? http://www.newyorker.com/news/news-desk/the-far-rights-plans-for-the-g-o-p-convention via @eosnos
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Michiko Kakutani on Twitter
Germany reports rise in far-right violence. Far-right violent acts increased by 42% over last year. http://reut.rs/2927Esr via @Reuters
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William Gibson on Twitter
Son's grouping, chalk bullseye on steel plate, Saltspring Island, today https://t.co/DlNRDxR8DC
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Andrew on Twitter
Instead of watching a fake baby for a month, have high school boys create a fake OKC account as a woman. Their homework: Read every message.
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Tom Brunberg on Twitter
Suutarin lapsi ja kengät; Valtioneuvoston uutinen innovaatiosetelistä sisältää lomakkeen. Siis PDFän, jota ei voi edes täyttää koneella.
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Myles Eftos on Twitter
TIL: Chrome treats port 6000-6999 as ?Unsafe ports?. Presumably because 6666 is a hacker favourite
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qole on Twitter
@SwiftOnSecurity But 2017 will be the year of Linux on the Desktop
11:10 PM
the grugq on Twitter
Thank fuck for security.
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Big Ben on Twitter
11:01 PM
Jhorts on Twitter
welcome to my vape store this is my son, emoji
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