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19 April, 2015

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Chart from 1893 color instruction textbook http://buff.ly/1cL4yoG via @AmAntiquarian on Instagram http://t.co/X1DM61xRb5
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Map of Canada Changes Depiction of Arctic Sea Ice http://www.jonathancrowe.net/2015/04/map-of-canada-sea-ice.php
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André Koot RCX on Twitter
#Jolla and #Fairphone talking, would be fantastic: great open software and fair hardware http://www.irishtimes.com/business/technology/finland-struggling-to-find-way-in-post-nokia-world-1.2178606 @Jolla @fairphone
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Miguel de Icaza on Twitter
Cute, F# port http://www.fssnip.net/6j of Norvig's spell corrector: http://norvig.com/spell-correct.html
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muiiio on Twitter
???? ???? ?????? ?? ?????? ????????, ? ????? ????????? ????? ?? ?? ???? ? ??????? ?, a ? ?? ?? ????????????? ???? C! https://twitter.com/VSchwarz/status/589681142476976128
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??????? ?? ????? ?????????, ?????? ??? ????? ??? ????????, ?????? ????? "???? ????? ?????? ? ?????????".. ?
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Save 47% today on see-through hybrid covers for the Note 4 http://ift.tt/1D1OxkC
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Matt Jones on Twitter
Figured out that I automatically love any city that has trams
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Cory Doctorow on Twitter
Internet dot org: delivering poor Internet to poor people http://boingboing.net/2015/04/19/internet-org-delivering-poor.html http://t.co/YpshreK56E
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Mark Gatiss on Twitter
Tomorrow is the last chance to register to vote. Don't disenfranchise yourself! Make a difference. https://www.gov.uk/register-to-vote
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Patrick Wintour on Twitter
Yvette Cooper It is immoral to turn our backs & leave people to drown in order to deter other desperate travellers - and it hasn't worked.
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Charlie P on Twitter
I'm so fed up with people on both sides of politics accusing the BBC of bias.It's pathetic. @Colin_Bloom
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BBC Weather on Twitter
https://twitter.com/BBCGQT/status/589760465489829888 http://t.co/nJrbcVNzsP
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Adam on Twitter
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Nick Pickles on Twitter
Many people disagree about immigration policy. can we all agree trying to save people drowning isn't about immigration, but being human?
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Dave Roberts on Twitter
Dear Political Leaders - Tell me what you are going to do FOR me rather than denigrating and slagging off your opponents. #ELECTION2015
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Sarah M on Twitter
Maybe stop saying '700 Migrants are feared dead' and start saying '700 Men, Women & Children fleeing brutal war zones are feared dead'
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lyse doucet on Twitter
Grand Imam of Al Azhar sits down with @justinwelby in #Cairo . How do religious leaders confront #IS threat? http://t.co/ZYH5fnZSSr
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The Orang Thinks on Twitter
@VeIvetRose @SLATUKIP but surely u are aware that #UKIP are not a racist party. That nice Mr Flange said so #startthedaywithalaugh
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Jonathan Zdziarski on Twitter
Terrorists come in all sizes? http://t.co/0lmzpejJgu
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Peter George Owen on Twitter
#theukips are the comedy gift that keeps on giving. http://t.co/EfsYuRQrQC
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Peter George Owen on Twitter
If you're thinking of voting for #theukips here's a handy flowchart to help you decide. #GE2015 http://t.co/43wPGHOUIT
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James Mills on Twitter
Cameron's face when #Marr asked him about admitting his favourite sport is foxhunting... was my fav bit of #marrshow http://t.co/eGjhK6Hx79
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Dan Cohen on Twitter
Photo series depicts devastation in Gaza in the aftermath of Israel's assault last summer http://www.haaretz.com/news/features/1.652479 http://t.co/XTsG05YMPv
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Does Lack of FM Support On Phones Increase Your Chances of Dying In a Disaster? http://ift.tt/1DXbY2k
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SteP on Twitter
Sshuttle ? A transparent proxy-based VPN using ssh http://www.ubuntugeek.com/sshuttle-a-transparent-proxy-based-vpn-using-ssh.html
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SteP on Twitter
.@FeliceCasson Felice anche tutto il resto del mondo va ;)))
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Felice Casson on Twitter
Venezia è finestra sul mondo, e il mondo guarda Venezia. La nostra storia plurimillenaria ripartirà.
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Now it is windy and sunny again. Love this instability #CostaBrava #Catalunya
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SteP on Twitter
Plasma 5.3 Beta Improves Power Management and Adds Media Centre Preview https://dot.kde.org/2015/04/14/plasma-5.3-beta
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SteP on Twitter
Development: GNOME 3.16.1 is out http://permalink.gmane.org/gmane.comp.gnome.devel.announce/414
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Marcus Wikström on Twitter
My sons are reading comics and are upset that both Robin and Wonder Woman forgot to put on pants.
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SteP on Twitter
Chinese Forks, Indian OTT, 2Gbps cable, HP out of public cloud: Telco 2.0 News Review http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/Telco20/~3/NBnsEL5B1Ww/telco_20_news_review.html
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SteP on Twitter
Hashing Nonhashable / Mutable Objects (Python) http://code.activestate.com/recipes/579047-hashing-nonhashable-mutable-objects/
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SteP on Twitter
Engineering notation. (Python) http://code.activestate.com/recipes/579046-engineering-notation/
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SteP on Twitter
Il team di qooApps rende gratis gran parte delle proprie App per #Symbian http://www.nokioteca.net/blog/2015/04/il-team-di-qooapps-rende-gratis-gran-parte-delle-proprie-app-per-symbian/
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SteP on Twitter
Mise à jour de Sailfish OS en version 1.1.4 Äijänpäivänjärvi (early access) Mise à jour de Sailfish OS en version 1.1.4 via @jollafr
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Andrea Grandi on Twitter
Goenv ? Go Environment Manager http://www.andreagrandi.it/2015/04/19/goenv-go-environment-manager/ @golang
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Labour Left on Twitter
#Breaking Royal College of Nursing say the Tories are about to cut 2,000 nurses if they win the election.... http://t.co/0Q0ZWFvjPp
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Kathy Smith on Twitter
Refugees don?t need our tears. They need us to stop making them refugees | Anders Lustgarten http://gu.com/p/47j8j/stw
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Harry Neary on Twitter
Whether you vote labour, Tory, libdem, SNP, ukip, whatever - register and vote. Democracy needs us all.
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Claire Maxim on Twitter
Hundreds feared dead after boat capsizes //when asked "who is my neighbour" Jesus told story of Good Smaritan. ['] http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-32371348
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Kathy Smith on Twitter
Drown an immigrant to save an immigrant: why is the Government borrowing policy from the BNP? | via @Telegraph http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/11192208/Drown-an-immigrant-to-save-an-immigrant-why-is-the-Government-borrowing-policy-from-the-BNP.html
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