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30 March, 2015

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SteP on Twitter
TCL P516L - annunciato in Cina un nuovo economico 'entry level' http://ift.tt/1Dcq5Ro
2:08 AM
Ben Kane on Twitter
Just some of the prizes up for grabs very soon, along with signed copies of #EaglesAtWar ! http://t.co/a5KWutjWWD
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Big Ben on Twitter
2:00 AM
Mikko Hypponen on Twitter
This one really is great. I have to remember to show this Sophos ad to our marketing department. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E3gb1x64wzI
1:57 AM
Henry Tudor on Twitter
My horoscope: The sun's in ur goals-accomplished house, Cancer. You've gained weight, seduced ladies & made Plantagenets re-bury themselves.
1:35 AM
Kamen Bundev on Twitter
Actually its slower in Safari too, but the difference is not as noticeable.
1:30 AM
Kamen Bundev on Twitter
Well, interesting WTF... Seems webkitMatchesSelector() in @googlechrome is about 2.5x slower than matches() ?! :D http://bit.ly/1BCTChx
1:21 AM
SteP on Twitter
HTC One M7 receiving Lollipop update in several Asian markets http://ift.tt/19z3SR3
1:11 AM
SteP on Twitter
Samsung Galaxy S6 - ecco l'applicazione ufficiale 'Galaxy S6 Experience' http://ift.tt/1IIVaME
1:01 AM
SteP on Twitter
Samsung Galaxy S6 - l'applicazione 'My Theme' arriverà il mese prossimo http://ift.tt/1Dc4M2j
1:01 AM
SteP on Twitter
Pelle rossa per un nuovo misterioso prodotto di Motorola http://ift.tt/1IIVaMC
1:01 AM
SteP on Twitter
LG G Flex 2 - tre video in slow motion per saggiare la resistenza http://ift.tt/1Dc4M2b
1:01 AM
Big Ben on Twitter
1:00 AM
SteP on Twitter
How To Install Tomcat 8 On Ubuntu 14.04 And 14.10 http://dlvr.it/99gljS
12:52 AM
VeryBritishProblems on Twitter
Being unable to place your items on a shop counter without saying "just these, please"
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Alice Bartlett on Twitter
Dyson is the actually the name of the inventor, the vacuum cleaner is called Dyson?s Monster.
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Mikko Hypponen on Twitter
Outlook autocomplete strikes again. http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/mar/30/personal-details-of-world-leaders-accidentally-revealed-by-g20-organisers #putin #merkel #obama http://t.co/RKJGv5k3Q1
12:45 AM
village fetish on Twitter
'Why is the phone not ringing, why do we have no business' http://t.co/sp12QU9ZAf
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Medical Xpress on Twitter
Team finds '#explodingheadsyndrome' more common in young people than thought http://medx.cc/346904164
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Lisa Rodrigues on Twitter
One last mention of my blog. Because I think we are amazing http://wp.me/p4ZnZz-5Z xxx
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Tom London on Twitter
Where's evidence that Cameron is tough? All his "hard choices" have resulted in attacking the weak. He's craven when faced by the strong.
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NativeScript on Twitter
Take a look and comment on the NativeScript plugins initial specification - https://github.com/NativeScript/NativeScript/issues/25
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Qwertee.com on Twitter
Tree Spirits" is today's tee on http://www.Qwertee.com ReTweet for a chance at a FREE TEE! http://t.co/IQTrUsZcMx
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SteP on Twitter
HTC One (E9+) - il nuovo phablet annunciato in forma ufficiale in Cina http://ift.tt/1DbUcIx
12:26 AM
SteP on Twitter
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge - il nuovo smartphone è più resistente del previsto http://ift.tt/1DbUdMA
12:26 AM
Andrea Grandi on Twitter
I'm really excited to start my new job as platform engineer at @yoyowallet :) let's rock!
12:23 AM
Aaron Stewart-Ahn on Twitter
Clean your apartment, set the lighting just right, get a nice cool drink watch this new footage of Mad Max Fury Road http://youtu.be/-Rq66CBhrEM
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SteP on Twitter
Kiss From A Rose <3 Seal #NowPlaying on #Jolla ;) http://t.co/8q8do9tXHW
12:11 AM
Clive Wilson on Twitter
All The Stupid Shit The Australian Government Has Done To The Internet (via @GizmodoAU) http://www.gizmodo.com.au/2015/03/30-days-of-derp-all-the-stupid-shit-the-australian-government-has-done-to-the-internet-this-month/
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Big Ben on Twitter
12:00 AM
SteP on Twitter
.@AndyHa9on @Nelus08 + @spacyZUMA
11:55 PM
SteP on Twitter
Hey UK mates @AndyHa9on @Nelus08 this is my Lumia :D http://t.co/699STAGPXN
11:53 PM
Martin Brook on Twitter
First impressions of SailfishOs on Oneplus Alpha 2 from the forums, https://forums.oneplus.net/threads/sailfish-os-for-oneplus-one.279537/page-28#post-10473610 @JollaHQ @oneplus https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vm4m_dlUYRw
11:47 PM
John Oliver on Twitter
No new show tonight, but here's a web exclusive to tide you over to next week https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kXYXuXX48m8
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SteP on Twitter
All Along The Watchtower. #JimiHendrix version. Good morning! #MixRadio #nowplaying http://t.co/ALvETuXHzn
11:32 PM
Tiger Webb on Twitter
oh wow. oh wow. oh wow. http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/mar/30/personal-details-of-world-leaders-accidentally-revealed-by-g20-organisers?CMP=share_btn_tw http://t.co/Lx8DC1ZLAZ
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Dudley Storey on Twitter
@GreatDismal And also, their butterflies: http://www.festo.com/cms/en_corp/14253.htm
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Henry Tudor on Twitter
Today: - Brekkie - Wonder if perhaps rage & violence aren't the answer - Decide that no in fact they are - Rage & violence - Spaghetti hoops
11:29 PM
Kathy Smith on Twitter
Public sector pensions ? a politician will grasp at any straw so long as someone else is drowning http://www.blog.rippedoffbritons.com/2011/07/public-sector-pensions-politician-will.html?utm_content=bufferdd555&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer
11:26 PM
Kathy Smith on Twitter
A question for Ed and David: are you scared to talk about policies? http://gu.com/p/473yt/stw
11:20 PM
SteP on Twitter
Europol Chief Warns About Computer Encryption http://ift.tt/19maKBr
11:18 PM
Jen Izaakson on Twitter
The Green Party's alternative mug to Labour's anti-immigration one. #greenparty #greensurge http://t.co/mk3WH70E2R
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Angry Striver on Twitter
One of the ordinary folk in audience asking Ed Miiband questions on Thurs was Tim Smith, a press officer at Conservative HQ!
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The NHA Party on Twitter
Please RT if this is the NHS you want. Even better, donate too to help us fight for it. http://www.gofundme.com/nhaparty2015 http://t.co/2E7agNTldJ
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Dr Shibley on Twitter
My sentiments exactly. http://t.co/08gTWSeCYf
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Lily on Twitter
GP working 7 days a week, starts before 8am, still working well after 8pm. Does our Dr's health & wellbeing not matter?!
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Lily on Twitter
Election fever hits big time tomo' bracing for 6wk political bitching, back biting & narcissism, followed by 5y of blaming other party. ?
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Owen Jones on Twitter
?Fancy a brew in my ?Controls for immigration mug???. Seriously, Labour. Scrap your Farage wannabe mugs and give people some bloody hope
2:33 PM • Retweeted by Kathy Smith
Sam Wong on Twitter
.@Jeremy_Hunt accused of burying £10m report setting out #NHS cuts | http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/health-secretary-jeremy-hunt-accused-5425277 @drmarielouise @KailashChandOBE @cpeedell @rcgp
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Box Your Tweet on Twitter
@IrvineWelsh nae bother, thank you. We appreciate your support! http://t.co/MT4lJ7zKBV
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