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21 November, 2014

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SteP on Twitter
Harvard Scientists Say It's Time To Start Thinking About Engineering the Climate http://ift.tt/1uLazpI
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Jake Archibald on Twitter
@chriscoyier basically we gave up fixing offline and just gave devs the bits to fix it themselves, because they're smarter
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Vaclav Vancura on Twitter
I think it's time for a new Xamarin Studio about box. http://t.co/SRRpCxZxs2
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Samuel Johnson on Twitter
Image from #Rochester cc @EmilyThornberry http://t.co/4TzqhPXCDq
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Miguel de Icaza on Twitter
OH "it means that conclusions are teasing us from the horizon - like an oasis. And we should act on them"
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Alexis C. Madrigal on Twitter
The @Every3Minutes bot delivers a brutal, new kind of education about the American slave trade http://fusion.net/story/28958/this-twitter-bot-is-a-constant-reminder-of-the-brutality-of-slavery/ http://t.co/dHCUZ84BEj
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Scott Hanselman on Twitter
Internet Rule #1 - Never Trust A Download Button RT @jeffwilcox: http://t.co/hQk0rHrmjP
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Samuel Johnson on Twitter
The Great Union FLAG flies atop 17 Gough Sq., my white Sedan-Chair park'd outside: Miss Emily THORNBERRY makes a crude ETCHING of the Scene
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Henry Tudor on Twitter
Tricky that. "@staceyigraham: @KngHnryVIII I always wonder what to do with the fuddles after we cut off the top.?
11:32 AM
Henry Tudor on Twitter
Why does behead mean to cut off someone's head but besmirch doesn't mean to cut off someone's smirch? Bloody language.
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SteP on Twitter
Windows Kernel Version Bumped To 10.0 http://ift.tt/1v3JVtt
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Ville M. Vainio on Twitter
Few of beers later, wpathr is installable from pip. See updated install instructions: https://github.com/vivainio/wpathr/blob/master/README.md
11:19 AM
Melissa ? ??????? ? on Twitter
.@zhuowei nonsense. History proves time and again that the only people who can catch them all are hyper-idealistic ten-year-olds
11:07 AM
Zhuowei Zhang on Twitter
Our startup, newly emerged from stealth mode, is aiming to disrupt the Pokémon training industry by allowing anyone to catch them all.
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?athan Willis on Twitter
@texrat How the superpowers look today, bro?
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Big Ben on Twitter
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Simon Tillotson on Twitter
William Gibson fans - catch @GreatDismal on Monday?s Start the Week http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b04prcsg #theperipheral
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Kyle Hebert on Twitter
This reporter attended a conference it what basically amounts to one of @GreatDismal?s Wheelie Boys. http://www.fastcompany.com/3038778/i-attended-a-conference-remotely-thanks-to-this-robot
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Melissa ? ??????? ? on Twitter
Today I am sad about: Mexico http://www.latimes.com/world/mexico-americas/la-fg-mexico-city-demonstrations-20141120-story.html
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Ville M. Vainio on Twitter
Python hack: if you have foo/__main__.py, you can run it with "python foo"
10:51 AM
SteP on Twitter
We're podcasting live at 4 p.m. EST! http://ift.tt/1AtP0ig
10:49 AM
SteP on Twitter
Xperia Z3, Z3 Compact support MirrorLink out of the box http://ift.tt/1zK8Hz2
10:49 AM
Cory Doctorow on Twitter
Photo: Periodic Table of Boxes sign, Adafruit, Soho, New York City, New York, USA on Flickr. http://tmblr.co/ZUhJRs1W8BBcG
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Cory Doctorow on Twitter
Photo: Nongendered toilet sign 1, Electronic Frontier Foundation, California, USA on Flickr. http://tmblr.co/ZUhJRs1W8BB08
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SteP on Twitter
Ask Slashdot: What's the Most Hackable Car? http://ift.tt/1F9gtnd
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Marcus Wikström on Twitter
@texrat I'd have a great expression for this if you spoke Finnish.
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R. G. Arnold on Twitter
Vincent D'Onofrio just started following me on twitter. WTF. Edgar on MiB and Private Pyle on Full Metal Jacket
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Marcus Wikström on Twitter
The perfect xmas gift! RT @waxjism: This pillowcase of enormous dick outlines! http://is.gd/8WgoYi #somuchcock #tomoffinland
10:39 AM
Marcus Wikström on Twitter
@gerbick hmm? Real victims?
10:36 AM
Chloe Angyal, PhD on Twitter
Beautifully, brutally written by @rgay, and perfectly edited by @megancarpentier. On rape and believing women: http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/nov/21/bill-cosby-rape-accusers-women-stories (TW)
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Stephen Gadsby on Twitter
It must be a Friday toward the end of a semester. Co-workers are attempting to determine the Pokémon type of each member of our team.
10:28 AM
SteP on Twitter
Here's how you make your Galaxy Note 4's display usable in direct sunlight http://ift.tt/1v3tYnl
10:28 AM
Henry Tudor on Twitter
If ever any beauty I did see ... twas but a dream of thee: @thedailymeal: Bacon-Wrapped Turkey http://bit.ly/11lTGaF http://t.co/WzmHR4TnbQ
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Skyboat Media on Twitter
All you lucky fans in #Baltimore! @redemmas event TONIGHT: @doctorow presents 'Information Doesn't Want To Be Free' https://redemmas.org/events/126#.VG5lzM9GfEs.twitter
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Mike Phirman on Twitter
"What size music you want to hear? World music?" Smaller. "Country?" Smaller. "Rock?" Too small. "House?" Perfect.
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Open Source Way on Twitter
.@Firefox for mobile (Fennec) just launched in multiple languages including Hindi | http://red.ht/1y529cT
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William McBee on Twitter
The attacks on Matt Taylor are not warranted. The attacks on Bill Cosby are largely unproven. Unfortunately, the real victims are silent.
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Ville M. Vainio on Twitter
Windows python scripting tip: you can propagate env changes to new processes w/o logout using ctypes https://github.com/vivainio/wpathr/blob/master/wpathr.py#L86
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SteP on Twitter
#FF @filos for being such a guru and great internet friend. Hope to meet you then at some mobile event
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SteP on Twitter
#FF to @alphabetsuccess that's one of my faves between thinkers ;)))
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SteP on Twitter
Google offers 1TB of Drive storage free with holiday Chromebook purchase http://ift.tt/1Hvrfbn
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Tim Fargo on Twitter
There are some people in life that make you laugh a little louder, smile a little bigger and live just a little bit better. - @kimgarst
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nic on Twitter
WTF cerejeiras?... http://t.co/hsIAULnazE
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SteP on Twitter
#FF to the awesome @AlphaNano . She is the woman!
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Slate Vault on Twitter
1864 map, for those following the Civil War from NYC: "150 Miles Around Richmond" http://buff.ly/1vvX94u via @DPLA http://t.co/dIHdr5YkWv
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Big Ben on Twitter
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SteP on Twitter
#Opensource Cars . I just imagine http://prostreet.forumcommunity.net/m/?t=29222256
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Patricia Hernandez on Twitter
"a game should not allow me to spend $100 in-game if there is not $100 worth of stuff to buy" http://kotaku.com/i-spent-100-in-assassins-creed-unity-so-you-wouldnt-ha-1661411003
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Open Source Agent on Twitter
Automotive Grade Linux Adds Industry Partners for Open Source Cars - The VAR Guy http://ift.tt/1xyZlXy #opensource
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