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30 May, 2017

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Big Ben on Twitter
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the grugq on Twitter
The Shadow Brokers went Zcash! @zooko && @matthew_d_green have arrived! https://twitter.com/shadowbrokerss/status/869436313057075200
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theshadowbrokers on Twitter
@msuiche TSB version: "In World Full of Whitehat Princesses Dare to Be Blackhat" ROFLMAO how proud whitehats are se? https://twitter.com/i/web/status/869445623279439872
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Matthieu Suiche on Twitter
Word. https://t.co/orpeUZ8BIZ
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the grugq on Twitter
Personally, I don?t use Facebook, I don?t organise resistance groups, but I don?t think Facebook actively collaborates with autocrats.
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the grugq on Twitter
?definitely an idea that is in autocratic governments? best interests to foster. ?Don?t use that platform, it rats you out?
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the grugq on Twitter
However, creating the belief that Facebook is actively working with autocratic governments to proactively quash dissident groups is ?
11:56 PM
michael demetriou on Twitter
Interesting. Read the followup tweets for context. https://twitter.com/vgr/status/869217981099720704
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the grugq on Twitter
Does that mean Facebook is a safe platform for organising your resistance group? It depends. (I?m not endorsing it!)
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the grugq on Twitter
?If Facebook will do ${court ordered thing} who?s to say they aren?t proactively collaborating as well?? ? the mindset fostered by .gov
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the grugq on Twitter
Facebook does obey governments (in certain circumstances, eg court order), which can then be touted by the gov as collaboration.
11:52 PM
the grugq on Twitter
An example of misdirection, the Okhrana used to arrest everyone and then let their snitch go after a few days due to ?lack of evidence?.
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the grugq on Twitter
It?s a clever tactic that has been used before to protect real sources (eg snitches) and increase the friction of organising.
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j on Twitter
Danger Zone from @3FieldsEnt is out now on Steam. Go, go, go!
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ZLed on Twitter
MSI knows that milliseconds matter, unveiling 3 new laptops ? CNET: The record-setting gaming laptop makers took to? http://dlvr.it/PGp7JX
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ZLed on Twitter
This spinning wheel case mod is a fidget spinner deluxe ? CNET: Case mods usually dominate the Computex show floor,? http://dlvr.it/PGp7JL
11:45 PM
ZLed on Twitter
Eve V is a better Microsoft Surface Pro clone ? CNET: Designed with the help of crowd input, this consensus-based? http://dlvr.it/PGp7J4
11:45 PM
ZLed on Twitter
Nvidia?s new design to make gaming laptops much, much thinner ? CNET: The company says its new Max-Q architecture? http://dlvr.it/PGp7Hj
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the grugq on Twitter
the best bet is to make ppl afraid that Facebook is actively collaborating with the gov, removing the trust necessary to operate.
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Niel ?? on Twitter
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shauna on Twitter
Happy 90th anniversary of Fred Trump's arrest at a KKK rally! http://boingboing.net/2015/09/09/1927-news-report-donald-trump.html
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the grugq on Twitter
Governments have little influence over Facebook, and so if they want to keep ppl from using it as a platform for collective organisation
11:43 PM
the grugq on Twitter
Many groups use Facebook for organising (regardless of what you think about the security, that?s the reality).
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the grugq on Twitter
Modern governments hiding their spies by attributing arrests to Facebook collaboration is strategically smart. Provides cover, reduces trust
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poplan/male ghosts on Twitter
@sarahjeong Stop laughing at daddy appropriation
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Katrina on Twitter
[country music plays in elevator] ME: I hate Toby Keith HIM: This isn't Toby Keith ME:(leans into his face) I don't give a shit who this is
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RemotelyAwesomeJobs on Twitter
"You don?t need everyone physically together to create a strong culture. The best cultures derive from actions people actually take."- @dhh
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Nitin Borwankar on Twitter
Transition to United States of Goldman-Sachs-Trump underway https://twitter.com/KateAronoff/status/868109757009330176
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Jamie Zawinski on Twitter
Compromising a Linux desktop using 6502 opcodes on the NES. Typical music files are based on compressed samples... http://jwz.org/b/yirn
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Michiko Kakutani on Twitter
Rec. reading: le Carre's "The Tailor of Panama," in which a small-time con man becomes the linchpin in a spy mission https://nyti.ms/2sfOa7p
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randall g. arnold on Twitter
here we are in a business center off Sunland Drive in El Paso, where cars are already melting into the parking lot? https://twitter.com/i/web/status/869435253810769921
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Stefano Mosconi on Twitter
#in How Siemens Is Using Big Data And IoT To Build The Internet Of Trains http://bit.ly/2rzpsml
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Big Ben on Twitter
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poplan/male ghosts on Twitter
@sarahjeong And that other guy was singing a song that appropriated daddy this is not a laughing matter
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poplan/male ghosts on Twitter
@sarahjeong Ok this literally makes no sense out of context but also in context tbqh Also that straight couple WA? https://twitter.com/i/web/status/869426317229305856
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J.M. Berger on Twitter
I'd like to report someone at risk of radicalization by ISIS https://twitter.com/blakehounshell/status/869381006553473026
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the grugq on Twitter
@qole \_(?)_/
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ZLed on Twitter
Flashing lights, magnets and pillows at Computex ? CNET: Netherlands-based Allocacoc brought an eye for design to? http://dlvr.it/PGnDBH
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ZLed on Twitter
Showing off Allocacoc?s ?different standard of design? ? CNET: On the show floor at Computex 2017, Netherlands? http://dlvr.it/PGnD2q
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Always Be Posting on Twitter
the worst thing about the trump presidency is he put us all through this just to make himself feel better and he doesnt even feel better
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William Gibson on Twitter
Clock set on Trump regretting the passing of Manuel Noriega
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Molly Hodgdon on Twitter
I love this quote from Justified and think of it at least once a week: https://t.co/tmjWrPbvVj
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a baseball bat on Twitter
Sometimes @ElizSimins gets an angry look on her face and I have to lean in and whisper "Stop appropriating daddy"
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Shakira on Twitter
"what we gettin into tonight ?" - me to my bed at 9:21 PM
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I can do lots of things. I can go down to the pond and feed my money to the ducks https://twitter.com/fortunemagazine/status/867489160889815040
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Business Insider on Twitter
This brick-dropping machine speeds up paving https://t.co/ASVUGFDBZg
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Wes on Twitter
Can u believe eighth graders have more of a spine than the whole of the Democratic Party https://twitter.com/RawStory/status/868656245196107776
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???? on Twitter
@chick_in_kiev @jdthekid22 How do you get like that tell me I want to be that too
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