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15 September, 2014

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Mark Guim on Twitter
Gmail users on iOS.. Do u use the Gmail app? Or default mail? What's ur setup?
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Brian Moore on Twitter
2/3 of this page penciled, maybe we'll get it painted this week.
5:48 PM
Melissa ? ??????? ? on Twitter
you mean he's just been wearing a hair-shaped white hat this entire time?? http://imgur.com/gallery/BHR7EpW
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SteP on Twitter
Sci-Fi Authors and Scientists Predict an Optimistic Future http://ift.tt/1tYIZ6r
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SteP on Twitter
This week's sidebar poll: Leather or links - which Moto 360 looks better? http://ift.tt/1BHimI7
5:15 PM
Brian Moore on Twitter
Drawing music http://rd.io/x/QQc0mjd1QEA/
5:06 PM
Slate Vault on Twitter
Pages from the 1970 design guide for the NYC subway system, now reissued as a book http://buff.ly/1nY6tW1 http://t.co/7zePaPl4n5
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Big Ben on Twitter
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SteP on Twitter
Funding Tech For Government, Instead of Tech For Industry http://ift.tt/1tYCWPp
4:54 PM
Melissa ? ??????? ? on Twitter
wtf amazon stahp stahp STAHP http://t.co/P7ydGaGkUI
4:49 PM
Andrea Bernabei on Twitter
Big win for my messaging experience on #Jolla today (bug fixed) :) #DIT thanks @w00teh !
4:39 PM
Retro City Rampage on Twitter
This team's making a new *real* NES game, and making a documentary about the entire thing. Check it out! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1316851183/the-new-8-bit-heroes-new-nes-game-and-creation-doc
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X on Twitter
also if you like @CuttingRoomWiki you'll probably like @ClydeMandelin's translation site legends of localization!
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DoctorKarnage on Twitter
http://tcrf.net/The_Real_Ghostbusters_(Game_Boy) There's a game that's a Mickey Mouse game in Japan, A ghostbusters game in the US and a Garfield game in Europe.
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QoleDigger? on Twitter
Probably going to hell for this. http://t.co/bXJAynE4ic
4:16 PM
SteP on Twitter
Court: Car Dealers Can't Stop Tesla From Selling In Massachusetts http://ift.tt/1DcmUYH
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Big Ben on Twitter
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Mike Wehner on Twitter
Guys, your new iPhone 6 is totally on the way. http://twitter.com/MikeWehner/status/511648336831848448/photo/1
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Henry Tudor on Twitter
And now, poetry .... ?@IShineForYou: .@KngHnryVIII http://t.co/70kkbgf32n?
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Asher Wolf on Twitter
"I only touched his I.V. fluid bag just that once without gloves" http://www.bellanaija.com/2014/09/15/must-read-through-the-valley-of-the-shadow-of-death-dr-ada-igonoh-survived-ebola-this-is-her-story/
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TechCrunch Onion on Twitter
Uber?s Latest Price Drop Means Drivers Could Start Paying Passengers
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Katie Doherty on Twitter
#OHnewsroom Developer, on disappearing <div> tags: "They're like socks."
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post404 Magazine on Twitter
post404 Review is out! http://paper.li/post404_Mag/1325371751 Stories via @OurPresidents
3:50 PM
StrikeDebt on Twitter
3:48 PM
SteP on Twitter
Motorola's back-to-school promo takes $50 off of Moto X's affordable price http://ift.tt/1tYmQVX
3:46 PM
ericasadun on Twitter
Can't wait to start making calls on the 6-Plus http://www.blogcdn.com/www.tuaw.com/media/2010/02/32541337280e65bed86e.jpg
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Kerbal Space Program on Twitter
We were also given several billion dollars. You just never heard about it since we immediately spent it all on this. http://t.co/DREReuEKAu
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SteP on Twitter
AT&T announces plans to bring LG G3 Vigor to your pockets http://ift.tt/1t0LK9h
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SteP on Twitter
My KODAK Moments brings instant gratification to photo printing with in-store kiosk integration http://ift.tt/XriaNL
3:29 PM
Christopher Soghoian on Twitter
Yahoo could have faced fine bigger than US economy for refusing to do NSA's bidding. http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/the-switch/wp/2014/09/15/you-think-youve-got-bills-government-could-have-fined-yahoo-trillions-of-dollars/
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Andrea Grandi on Twitter
@qole @wiretapped I would have not appreciated the method, even if it was my favourite band.
3:28 PM
QoleDigger? on Twitter
@wiretapped I guess Apple thought a band that has over 150 million in sales would not be considered "spam". @andreagrandi @jasoncartwright
3:20 PM
SteP on Twitter
Court Rules the "Google" Trademark Isn't Generic http://ift.tt/1scjIUi
3:19 PM
QoleDigger? on Twitter
@appendixjournal @SlateVault That awesome 150 year old picture looks even better after some trivial clean-up. http://t.co/BCQndkaB59
3:17 PM
QoleDigger? on Twitter
@0xabad1dea Well, C# really IS a total Java-ripoff.
3:07 PM
Brian Moore on Twitter
Huh, don't think I've seen that Thompson & Thomson one before http://joekeatinge.tumblr.com/post/97595576029/sheahisself-enki-bilal
3:05 PM
QoleDigger? on Twitter
The 21st Century: "Corporation makes mistake by putting music in peoples' libraries for free" @wiretapped @andreagrandi @jasoncartwright
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Maximiliano Firtman on Twitter
Chrome & Safari aren?t the entire mobile web. Test & measure everywhere. Check MOVR for latest trends #velocityconf http://wurfl.io/MOVR/
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Farshad Nayeri on Twitter
Fill in the blank and I?ll tell you your age http://t.co/vzn4Losgrg
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Big Ben on Twitter
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QoleDigger? on Twitter
@nearyd Wait, what?! I thought Smart Ass Comments were Twitter's primary purpose!
2:58 PM
Sebastian Lauwers on Twitter
@khertan Pour moi Django c'est comme Rails. Une bête différente du langage sous-jacent. Après... Gustibus et colaribus...
2:57 PM
Khertan on Twitter
@teotwaki ouais, mais j' espère éviter java et cobol, mais aussi les banques :pceci dit on trouve aussi du 4d dans des banques françaises
2:57 PM
Khertan on Twitter
@teotwaki django c' est du python... :) bon tellement gros comme framework que certains arrivent à ne jamais faire de python :)
2:55 PM
John Saddington on Twitter
Everyone you meet... http://t.co/ktpEPuHxNC
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Sebastian Lauwers on Twitter
@khertan Après, Zürich est bien plus actif en terme de startups que la partie romande. Les banques aiment le Java et le COBOL.
2:55 PM
Sebastian Lauwers on Twitter
@khertan Y'a pas mal de startups entre Lausanne et Genève. Pas vu énormément de python vs autres langages "hot" (clojure, go). Django... oui
2:53 PM
Maximiliano Firtman on Twitter
Because it?s #velocityconf week, let?s give good news for Web Performance: Navigation Timing API is available on iOS 8
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SteP on Twitter
SparkFun Works to Build the Edison Ecosystem (Video) http://ift.tt/1t0v8i6
2:52 PM
Andre H. Beckedorf on Twitter
Just uploaded a newer build 1030 of QuasarMX to the pre-release/beta download section on https://www.meteorasoftworks.com Changelog available in app.
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