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11 February, 2016

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Melissa ? ?? on Twitter
so I accidentally went to twitch in chrome instead of safari and https://t.co/DFnEkF0TzQ
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Batman 66 Labels on Twitter
Only an hour to go! Can we get to 550? https://cottonbureau.com/products/henchman
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Big Ben on Twitter
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Batman 66 Labels on Twitter
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Chris Palmer on Twitter
Flame suit on: "Security is correctness is type checking" is an oversimplification, but not by much.
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Adam Pigg on Twitter
What would I put in a talk / presentation of #sailfishos porting to a local geek meet up? Suggestions welcome!
2:52 PM
ESteX on Twitter
Time Inc. Buys MySpace Parent Company Viant http://ift.tt/20OYR07
2:49 PM
ESteX on Twitter
Our Hidden Neanderthal DNA May Increase Risk of Allergies, Depression http://ift.tt/1QuQdsZ
2:49 PM
William McBee on Twitter
Holy smokes. Making your own font JUST got easier? Fontself Maker looks awesome. https://twitter.com/ashthorp/status/697908173986922497
2:46 PM
Batman 66 Labels on Twitter
As a theatre person--@dloehr, that is--I see this a lot... https://twitter.com/nielsen_amy/status/697911371468533760
2:43 PM
MC Game Design on Twitter
Marientina Gotsis (http://www.marientina.com/wordpress/) is confirmed to speak on "Living, Loving, Dying in Games & Virtual Reality" at #MoorparkCollege!
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Brian Moore on Twitter
@qole I'll mention it to my editor ...
2:31 PM
Allison Bray on Twitter
@OregonGovBrown Link for volunteering and donations for #MalheurRefuge http://onda.org/volunteerformalheur
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patrick kennedy on Twitter
Why just make $ on admissions when you can double up with lawsuits https://twitter.com/RobertWilonsky/status/697908809797242880
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Jonathan Swift on Twitter
I'm going to Google myself to find out who I am. I think someone must have told me at some point. #googletax
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Melissa ? ?? on Twitter
[writing] Bradamant's essay on local architecture she insists on interjecting into the narrative: 721 words
2:19 PM
The OED on Twitter
An ?opsimath? is a person who begins to learn or study late in life.
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Splitcoil on Twitter
God. He always pulls this shit when he owes me money. https://twitter.com/kanyewest/status/697503829449928704
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Nick Harkaway on Twitter
?@thomeagle: I don't understand what this is even trying to insinuate https://t.co/UCKVSHZorA? {ogoodgodno.}
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Richard Kadrey on Twitter
John Goodman vs Donald Trump. "Shut the fuck up, Donny" https://youtu.be/h6oxvm9Q68Q via @MarjorieIngall
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Martin Brook on Twitter
Public accounts committee needs to realise #google and #hmrc are not the problem its the tax law http://parliamentlive.tv/Event/Index/522e0b2e-d6e4-458e-9120-db967f8c37f1
2:08 PM
Samuel Pepys on Twitter
My wife read Sir H. Vane?s tryall to me, and I find it a very excellent thing, worth reading, and him to have been a very wise man.
2:07 PM
David J. Loehr on Twitter
Just two hours to go for @BatLabels' t-shirt by @MapleLime at @cottonbureau, for all your henching needs... https://cottonbureau.com/products/henchman
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Batman 66 Labels on Twitter
GIRLS' LOCKER ROOM https://t.co/O3xMk2PxX7
2:03 PM
ESteX on Twitter
Qualcomm Promises Gigabit LTE Speeds and New Chips to Power Smartwatches http://ift.tt/1QYRQ4U
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Big Ben on Twitter
2:02 PM
Henry Tudor on Twitter
#ValentinesDay https://t.co/w8301hoyB9
2:00 PM
Greg Bostwick on Twitter
Sr. Full Stack Engineer - Connected Cars Technology !! #BMW Technology #Chicago https://lnkd.in/eWnfS3d
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Melissa ? ?? on Twitter
*touches paper notebook propped up by my laptop so it doesn't go to sleep* ... edsfsdgfgfg
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jann arden on Twitter
do you live in Texas? check out my friend @alanthomasdoyle he is going to be doing some dates down there!!
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Toni Morrison on Twitter
?The ability of writers to imagine what is not the self, to familiarize the strange and mystify the familiar, is the test of their power.?
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qole on Twitter
@brianmooredraws @InformationWeek The mobile page is still a disaster. Cuts off half of the comic. https://t.co/2VMMWd21eT
1:40 PM
Lev Grossman on Twitter
Great interview w/ a Magicians writer. https://twitter.com/LAReviewofBooks/status/697894125857714176
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Finland Inc. on Twitter
#TTIP-sopimus estäisi sähkönsiirtomaksujen korotuksiin puuttumisen välimiesmenettelyn uhalla. http://www.hs.fi/talous/a1454656965777?jako=1bb497316a46d69a9da1ab15d2b3b438&ref=tw-share #ISDS #Caruna
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gilly youner on Twitter
Secret bedroom in Berlin subway, swankier than a cardboard box http://www.citylab.com/housing/2016/02/berlin-subway-secret-bedroom/462411/?utm_source=SFTwitter https://t.co/0EWXrGqnHJ
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Dave Neary on Twitter
Is Wikimedia Foundation just making a point, or did something provoke this move? /cc @tieguy https://twitter.com/Senficon/status/697736377820192768
1:36 PM
Henry Tudor on Twitter
Why does no one ever mention the coastal forts I built? My coastal forts are brilliant. https://twitter.com/murphydogrules/status/697894510563450881
1:31 PM
?athan Willis on Twitter
All in good fun LIGO, but, again, let's not forget that @bobdylan confirmed the existence of Planet Waves a full 41 years ago. #context
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Melissa ? ?? on Twitter
[writing] from a vague "she's a woman? who lives in Soronanin?" to quite an involved arc about split loyalties
1:26 PM
Melissa ? ?? on Twitter
[writing] Bradamant is an example of my "I know a character goes here, I'll figure out who they are later" ploy working out *amazingly* well
1:24 PM
qole on Twitter
@BatLabels Wow, a single, co-ed shower room for the entire force. The Gotham police sure were progressive in the 60s!
1:23 PM
Jennifer McCreight on Twitter
Tempted to start titling my emails "GRANT APPLICATION APPROVED" so my committee members will actually open them >:(
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Melissa ? ?? on Twitter
[writing] okay, going to try typing up this Bradamant and Diadem scene today. I?m sure Clarion and Rashk will be good hosts?
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Honolulu Civil Beat on Twitter
Tonight at @artsatmarks storytellers share their life-changing decisions https://www.facebook.com/events/221421768199845/ #CBstorytellers https://t.co/C63nePX69G
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ESteX on Twitter
Drivers Need To Forget Their GPS http://ift.tt/1KelWSo
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Randall G Arnold on Twitter
.@GiantIain @Scroobiuspipyo it wasn't a conscious choice at all. Bottom line, I just ask that people be considerate of the lonely ones.
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Melissa ? ?? on Twitter
I do in fact sometimes sling my phone by the charge cable around my neck and say out loud "HAHA WHAT NOW, MRS. DUNBAR"
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? on Twitter
@0xabad1dea the future is now https://t.co/5nbeDRc1pa
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Randall G Arnold on Twitter
like I said... https://twitter.com/jperlow/status/697888379082575872
1:02 PM
Randall G Arnold on Twitter
Jason's having wayyy too much fun with this https://twitter.com/jperlow/status/697887994301304836
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