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26 July, 2016

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Samuel Pepys on Twitter
We drank each of us two pots, it being pleasant to see how everybody turns up his tail in a bush, and the women in their quarters the like.
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Olavi Haapala on Twitter
Jolla C owners: If you are annoyed by the ticking sound, set camera focus to infinite in camera settings. #jolla #jollaC Thx pesasa (IRC)
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John Brewer on Twitter
@Pinboard "You've got fail!"
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Pinboard on Twitter
?The goal, it seems, is to merge Yahoo with AOL? to create an unstoppable Voltron of failure. Now add Comcast, Zynga, Groupon and Square
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Big Ben on Twitter
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Ryan Hurst on Twitter
The most important security feature you have is the one that allows you to update deployed clients.
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David Frum on Twitter
Once, candidates hired Americans to break into their opponents? communications. Now those good jobs have been outsourced.
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David Eagle on Twitter
Me: how could you marry him Her: daddy, you said libertarians broaden our worldview and expose us to new ideas Me, through tears: Librarians
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Adam Pigg on Twitter
Has anyone used the @colorsmarttv advertising SDK? they keep emailing me to use them, is it a legit business?
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Dmitry Chestnykh on Twitter
Satoshi Nakamoto releases Bitcoin https://t.co/3W4Y6dDrLx
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Charlie Miller on Twitter
When I was an iPhone hacker I never had to wait for a tow truck https://t.co/54CbHUjr8Z
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Sebastià C. on Twitter
Aquestes afirmacions sí son de 'cuñaos'. #gnu #linux #opensource https://twitter.com/naufragodearena/status/757648090933362692
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Chris Valasek on Twitter
Uhh tow truck time. https://t.co/hZoBePr2n6
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Elizabeth Wharton on Twitter
Cool #infosecjobs training program with @IBM for those re-entering the workforce ... https://twitter.com/clarkkaren/status/757667749766303749
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Anonymous Center on Twitter
#KDE Applications 16.08 Software Suite Is In Beta, Final Release Coming August 18 http://buff.ly/2aa2ubp @kde #gnu https://t.co/5PiV6Skr63
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Dr. Roy Schestowitz on Twitter
It's Time to Upgrade to Fedora 24 Linux If You're Still Using Fedora 22 http://news.softpedia.com/news/it-s-time-to-upgrade-to-fedora-24-now-if-you-re-still-using-fedora-22-linux-506615.shtml #f24 #fedora #gnu #linux
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Dan Goodin on Twitter
New evidence suggests DNC hackers penetrated deeper than previously thought http://arstechnica.com/?p=928835
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Mathias HOUNGBO on Twitter
#Humor #Geek #GNU #Linux https://t.co/USMcHg3NLy
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Michael Sautter on Twitter
Richard Stallman & the History of Free Software & Open Source http://www.cmpod.net/all-transcripts/history-open-source-free-software-text/ @FSF #gnu #linux #OpenSource
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Softpedia on Twitter
#OpenMandriva Lx 3.0 #Linux Is Coming Soon with #Mesa 3D 12.0, Latest #KDE Goodies http://buff.ly/2afhLJl #gnu https://t.co/lbmaQnsOB3
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Softpedia on Twitter
#GNU #Linux-libre 4.7 #Kernel Is Here for Those Who Want 100% Freedom, without Non-Free Components http://buff.ly/2acGGMB via @MariusNestor
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Henry Tudor on Twitter
Today: - orgy of greed - orgy of power - orgy of violence - orgy of shouting "I AM KING OF TWITTER!" & meaning it - bacon - ladies - nap
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Samuel Pepys on Twitter
To the Wells, where great store of citizens, which was the greatest part of the company, though there were some others of better quality.
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Ari Jaaksi on Twitter
Wearing @moogmusicinc today for the @mozilla Berlin Lean startup workshop. https://www.engadget.com/2016/07/20/moog-minimoog-model-d-synth-full-production/ https://t.co/KQl5jO8REm
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Led Debexpert on Twitter
Chinese State Company Unveils World's Largest Seaplane http://ift.tt/2adD651
12:18 AM
Robert Martin on Twitter
Had to GIF this INSANE Lightning Strike in Chicago last night. Pole = Obliterated https://t.co/jQI1qsYc9A
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comex on Twitter
So, the 9.3.3 jailbreak actually breaks the security of the iOS sandbox. Old jailbreaks opened some areas but tried to preserve security.
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Big Ben on Twitter
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Democracy Now! on Twitter
VA Gov. to Individually Pardon Ex-Felons to Restore Voting Rights http://owl.li/A6z7302AnVe
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Greg Brown on Twitter
Long live the new flesh? https://t.co/97iByyiMJB
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Brad Heath on Twitter
Typos still account for a really big share of NSA's Sect. 702 surveillance violations. https://t.co/d3BwCfvG7O
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Brad Heath on Twitter
FBI, NSA violated Sect. 702 surveillance targeting rules ??? times in 2013-14, new gov't transparency report finds. https://t.co/oQhsrPzdeR
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the grugq on Twitter
Ok, state sponsored attacks, but? Fucking Yahoo email?!? Seriously?! https://twitter.com/kennwhite/status/757658252372914176
11:32 PM
SwiftOnSecurity on Twitter
When you do such a good job the client flys you home on the corporate jet https://t.co/sRBOR40Kb3
11:28 PM
Craig Mazin on Twitter
The new cold war, driven by Trump's buddy Putin. "All Signs Point to Russia Being Behind the DNC Hack" http://tiny.ph/CDD5
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Chuck Wendig on Twitter
also tues - sun https://twitter.com/kellysue/status/757647402492755968
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Dave Itzkoff on Twitter
Michelle Obama: "I wake up every morning in a house that was built by slaves." https://t.co/K5G4PwEQpA
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SK@PSO2 Ship5 on Twitter
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?????????? on Twitter
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Conflict News on Twitter
PHOTOS: #ISIS publishes photos of debris they say is from the downed American warplane - @Sennacherib666 https://t.co/O2UpF8oCyP
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Jessica Paquette on Twitter
Adventures in comments. Found this in oggenc.c in the LLVM test suite. https://t.co/ayMeiqULFy
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Amichai Stein on Twitter
#BREAKING: Twin explosion rock #Mogadishu international airport; Gunfire heard inside https://t.co/m8aYRj6lDD
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MAC MANE?? on Twitter
@Born__Legendary happy birthday bro
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hiro on Twitter
my sleeping schedule is becoming so???
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dnlrhnbot on Twitter
We're all artifacts living in Japan in 1988.
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???????? on Twitter
#TorReports @IPFSbot @subgraph @tahoelafs https://t.co/ChTOe7J4ij
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post-Pokemon on Twitter
I'm very confident in Verizon's content strategy, now that they own both AOL *and* Yahoo.
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? on Twitter
If you drink every day you'll never be sober again.
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